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Brazilian hair removal

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Brazilian hair removal

The decades of experience of high-quality epilatorie wax manufacturers ' by the constant and ongoing commitment to research and development has created the real and unique Brazilian waxing ALAMANDA: natural is suitable for all skin types ' from tearing soft and perfect ' low thermal impact on the skin and almost painless. Plasticized Polyvinyl without ' Pandit ' Paraben ' Allergens and heavy metals.

100% natural ' from the pine trees of Brazil ' are refined with very particular processes of esterification and give wax a high coefficient of adhesion to the stem of the hair that is incorporated without adhering to the skin. The result is a precise and almost painless hair removal even in cases of short hairs and tenacious. There is evidence also that a constant use of this wax weakens hair growth ' will reduce the diameter and lengthen the time between an epilation.

An excellent help directly from nature. The beeswax gives naturally to wax the elasticity necessary to ensure a smooth and velvety snatch making it particularly suitable in cases of sensitive skin with reduced pain threshold. The special texture makes the product suitable for full-body hair removal and particularly suitable for intimate areas ' art and epil waxing for men.

The precious extract obtained from the fruit of Brazil is always used by the natives of the Amazon for its beneficial qualities and curative properties. Are known is ' its important antioxidant properties ' protective and ricostituienti DermIS-inflammatory '. Also thanks to vitamins A ' B ' c ' and ' Omega 6 's beta carotene and Minerals of which ' Bioflavonoids is particularly rich ' helps the normal restore of protective barriers of the DermIS under stress.

A depilatory treatment product suitable for all skin types ' from tearing soft and low thermal impact on surgical skin and almost painless. Recommended then to young women ' for delicate parts and waxing for men.
packaging: 400 ml jar and discs from 1000 g.

Softens the skin by preparing to epilation ' absorbs residual moisture hair wax adhesion promoting the stem and not to the skin. Creates a protective barrier needed to avoid redness and irritation and plays a soothing ' healing and balancing of the skin, protecting it against external pathogens. Leaves the skin soft and velvety skin protected.
packaging: bottle of 200 g.

SOOTHING OIL passion fruit oil tonic post wax
Known for its incredible antioxidant protective and ' restorative ' anti-inflammatory properties of the dermis. Rich of vitamins A ' B ' c ' and ' Omega 6 's beta carotene and Minerals helps the Bioflavonoids ' normal ' skin recovery under stress and its protective barriers. Enriched by sweet almond oil and further intake of vitamins and minerals that make it particularly nutritious and emollient ' soothing ' elasticity ' is able to restore firmness and suppleness even in particularly arid and dry. Acts as a normalizing and restorative idrolipico of the DermIS and epidermis provides an important contribution to the maintenance of vitamin and mineral directed youthful skin is leaving ' compact ' silky and pleasantly scented.
packaging: 500 ml bottle.

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